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Артунист конкурс – до 20. марта

the Third International ARTOONIST
Cartoon Seasonal festival \WINTER2021
The idea for the seasonal cartoon festival was formed by a group of popular artists called “ARTOONIST” in 2020. The group of artoonists intends to review the best cartoons published and received on a seasonal basis, and to select and introduce the best cartoons of the season. In each season, 3 of the best cartoonists around the world will judge the works and republished in the Catalog and Instagram by “ARTOONIST”.
1-The world after Corona virus
1-Ricardo Ferreira\Portugal
2- Randy Bish\USA
3- fahad al zadjali\oman
Cartoon Section Awards :
In each section, the first three to the third person will be awarded honorary diplomas.
20 march 2021
Email for sending cartoons :