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During the 14th and 15th centuries, Turkey conquered the Balkan countries, which were later liberated in only small parts of their historical territories. Only the 20th century offered the enslaved countries greater chances for liberation, so Serbia, Montenegro, Greece and Bulgaria made an alliance. The war against Turkey began on October 8, 1912.

The goal of the Kingdom of Serbia by entering the Balkan War was to return its historical areas: Raska and Kosovo and Metohija, as well as the return of Serbs to the Adriatic coast, which the Serbian army, led by King Peter I Karadjordjevic, fulfilled.


By the Peace of London, signed on May 30, 1913, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, and Bulgaria emerged victorious over the Ottoman Empire; new borders were drawn between the Balkan allies on the one hand, and the Ottoman state on the other. The state of Albania was established by the Peace of London.

Serbia was the biggest loser of the Peace of London, at least when compared to other Christian countries, members of the alliance against the Ottoman Empire. However, the Serbian region of Raska (Turkish name: Sandzak) and the Serbian holy land of Kosovo and Metohija were returned to Serbia.

In the following decades, Serbia got used to not having access to the sea, and the newly created state of Albania always tried in every way to seize Kosovo and Metohija. During the communist Yugoslavia, Albanians from Albania crossed the border of Yugoslavia almost unhindered and came to Serbian Kosovo and Metohija, where they looted, looted, and some violent Albanians settled in Kosovo and Metohija. Albania saw the fall of communism and the break-up of Yugoslavia as an opportunity to take Kosovo and Metohija away from the Serbs forever.


Serbs are a small nation with a big soul and a brave heart. They have been waiting too long for anyone’s favor on earth and a little justice from Heaven.